What is an M&O Override?

Have you ever wondered how our school goes above and beyond in offering exceptional educational experiences? It’s not just the dedicated teachers and passionate staff, but also a little-known hero called the Maintenance & Operations Override (M&O Override). The M&O Override equips DVUSD with the resources needed to supplement the school funding that our district receives from the state. It preserves funding for essentials like full-day kindergarten, 8.5% of existing salaries, and maintaining reduced class sizes. The DVUSD community has a long and proud history of supporting education through the M&O Override, dating back to 1991.

The 2024 M&O Override was developed and supported by a committee of stakeholders that included parents, staff, and community members. The committee stated that local support from these measures is necessary for Deer Valley schools. The DVUSD School Board then unanimously voted in support of this initiative to bring it to the Deer Valley electorate.

The total cost of the override is a continuation of $21.27 per month property tax on the average assessed home value. Taxes will NOT increase as a result of this override’s passage.

Now, let’s talk about the unthinkable. If we let the Override fall, the impact will be swift and severe. Over the next three years, $33 million could vanish from our schools’ budgets. Imagine the ripple effect – cherished programs disappearing, class sizes ballooning, and talented teachers seeking opportunities elsewhere.

This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about our children’s future. It’s simple: it’s a testament to our community’s commitment to educational excellence to vote YES. Together, we can ensure our students continue to be the center of the equation.


Approximately 8% of all DVUSD staff salaries are funded by M&O override, keeping our district competitive in pay


Retains maximum classroom sizes - without continuation, classroom sizes could increase an average of 3 students


Continue FREE, full-day Kindergarten and specialized programs to better support students and families


Continue to support extracurricular activities for students - athletics, fine arts, and more specialized programs


Continue to provide counselors and support services staff that directly impact the success and well-being of our students


Continue to provide a portion (10%) of school and department budgets to ensure educators and students have what they need

The M&O Override funding will allow for DVUSD to remain competitive in per-pupil funding, staff pay, and help ensure that programs the students and community love remain intact.

What Will the M&O Override Pay For?

The Override funding plays a crucial role in maintaining the high-quality educational experiences our students deserve. Only half-day instructional time is funded by Arizona State school funding with the additional cost for full-day kindergarten coming from the override, ensuring every young student in DVUSD gets a strong start in their educational journey. It ensures that class sizes remain manageable. Additionally, it supports a rich variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, including the arts, athletics, and specialized programs like gifted services, language immersion programs, online education, ROTC, and more. The funds are also key in attracting and retaining teachers and staff, with 8% of their existing salaries dependent on the override. As well as continuing support services staff, such as counseling, nursing, literacy, and instructional technology positions. By supporting this override, we’re investing in a comprehensive educational framework that benefits every student, from the support they receive from counselors and nurses to the advanced technology and resources available to them.

Will this Increase my Property Tax Rate?

No! The district’s bond and override committee has diligently worked to propose a continuation of the existing 15% override, a strategic move to sustain our educational excellence without raising homeowner tax rates. This effort ensures that we can continue to fund essential staff and beloved programs—from fine arts to athletics—without increasing your current tax rate.

The proposed continuation rate of $21.27 per month, based on the average assessed home value, ensures that our schools can keep thriving without additional financial burden on our families. Supporting this override is a vote for educational stability and excellence, safeguarding the future of our students and the vibrancy of our community.


An M&O Override is needed to authorize additional local funding beyond what the State of Arizona provides, enabling us to support and enhance instructional programs that our community values. This ensures our schools have the resources to offer a quality education tailored to our students’ needs.

The 2024 M&O Override Initiative is focused on maintaining optimal class sizes, supporting a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities including the arts, athletics, and specialized student programs like gifted and language immersion. It aims to secure funding to attract and retain high-quality teachers and staff, provide dedicated funding for full-day kindergarten, address specific school and department needs, and continue essential support services such as counseling and nursing.

Deer Valley Unified School District is seeking voter authorization to continue receiving M&O Override funding, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of our educational programs. Since M&O Override funding is only fully secured for five years at a time, it requires renewal through voter approval at least every five years to ensure ongoing support.

If the override is not renewed, the District will face a significant reduction in funding, leading to an inability to maintain current levels of programs and services.

The renewal of the DVUSD Override will not increase your taxes. 


Contributions to Deer Valley Votes 4 Kids are not tax-deductible as charitablecontributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.